Statement of Privacy, Stichting Nationaal Fluitconcours

Importance of Privacy:

In order to organize and promote our competitions we make use of the data and audio and/or video recordings and/or stills/pictures of our participants, sponsors and others. Careful processing and securing these data are of the greatest importance to us and we do our utmost to safeguard the participants' and others' privacy. Stichting Nationaal Fluitconcours comply with the conditions of the Dutch 'General Regulation of Personal data' (AVG). This means among others that we:

  • State in this declaration of privacy for which purposes we use personal data;

  • Limit personal data collecting to the data that are necessary for our purposes;

  • Ask the participants' (or parents'/legal guardians') permission to use personal data; 

  • Do not store data longer than necessary or legally permitted; 

  • Offer the participants concerned the opportunity to look into, (let) correct or remove personal dataas long as this does not conflict with Dutch law. 

Scope of Application: 

Stichting Nationaal Fluitconcours organize 4 different competitions that are presented on the website www.fluitconcours.nl:

  • www.flutecompetition.com

  • www.flutefactor.nl

  • www.defluitwedstrijd.nl 

  • www.beneluxfluitconcours.nl

This declaration of privacy applies to all these competitions.

Analysis and safety of the websites:

Views of our websites will be analysed with the help of google analytics. In this way we map our target groups per country. This also applies to analysing the interest in the various parts of our websites. The use of the encrypted communication protocol (https) ensures a safe exchange of personal data.   

Gathering and use of personal data: 

In order to take part in our flutecompetitions a few personal data are needed: 

  • Name, address, e-mail address and telephonenumber

  • In case of a participant under age: contact data of parents or legal guardians;

  • Nationality, gender, date of birth and number of years of playing experience;

  • Data of education among which the name and e-mail address of the teacher or professor.

These peronal data will be used for:

  • Mailing (by post or by e-mail) the nessecary information for participation in the competitions;

  • Mailing (by post or by e-mail) of general digital information;

  • Mailing (by post or by e-mail) of online evaluations;

  • Analysis of the results of the competitions.

Audio/video recordings and stills/pictures: 

On application participants are requested (in case of a minor participant parents or guardians are requested) to give permission to the Stichting Nationaal Fluitconcours to make audio/video recordings and/or stills/pictures for promotional purposes. These recordings and/or stills/pictures could be used for printed matter, on our websites and our social media (like youtube, facebook, twitter and instagram). 

Winners are followed on social media in order to promote their careers by sharing their messages. 

For broadcast performances we explicitly ask permission in case these do not take place in the public domain.

Retention period and social media:

All participants' data will be stored on a secure (cloud) server. After 5 years most data (personal data and audio/video recordings and/or stills/pictures) will be removed. This does not hold for the personal data and audio/video recordings and/or stills/pictures of prize winners.

Audio/video recordings and stills/pictures that are published via sociale media have become public domain. Stichting Nationaal Fluit Concours can not be held accountable for misuse or abuse of these.

Pariticipants, visitors and others involved are kindly requested not to publish audio/video recordings or stills/pictures of other participants. In case own recordings and/or stills/pictures are published we request you to handle this with greatest care in relation to names and organizations. 

Looking into, correct or delete personal data: 

Participants have the right to look into the gathered data. A request to look into, correct or delete data can be sent to info@fluitconcours.nl. To verify the identity of the sender a copy of an ID is requested to attach to the request. The signature, picture and the citizen's service number should be made unrecognizable.

Sharing data with third parties: 

We only share data with third parties when required for the execution of our activities or to comply with our legal duties.

Only members of our board have access to the participants' data.

A data leak shall be reported to the independent authority “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” (Dutch equivalent of OPTA).

Questions and changes in this statement: 

Questions or comments concerning this privacy statement are welcomed via info@fluitconcours.nl.

Stichting Nationaal Fluitconcours will regularly update this privacy statement on the basis of information and/or growing insight. This version is set up on 26th of July 2019.

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