Congratulations to all prize winners in 2024!

1st prize master 2024 Are you a bachelor's or master's flute student, traverso student or are you a young talent? Then register for your own category. Every year, more than 150 flute students from 25 different countries and all continents participate in this competition. In 2025 we will organize a piccolo competition again.

We offer you a well-organized competition, a great festival and the opportunity to gain contacts for life...

January 1, 2024: closing date for online registration
January 10, 2024 (10 am): ticket sales for the Adams flute festival
February 15, 2024: closing date for traverso students
February 15, 2024: closing date for submitting all videos
March 15, 2024: announcement of the participant selection
April 15 to 17, 2024: 2nd round (live)
April 18, 2024: 3rd round (live)
April 19, 2024: rehearsal day (and start of the festival)
April 20, 2024: final round traverso students
April 20, 2024: Grand finale for bachelor and master students with the Philzuid
April 20, 2024: concert with the prize winners and orchestra
April 21, 2024: final round young talents

Online preliminary round for bachelor students: 
Mario Caroli, Petri Alanko, Aldo Baerten, Anaïs Benoit, Anna Garzuly, Anna Dina Björn-Larsen, Stephanie Winker, Raymond Honing, Peter Verhoyen

Online preliminary round for master students:
Carlos Bruneel, Javier Castiblanque, Carlo Jans, Ulla Miilmann, Christina Fassbender, Wally Hase

2024 juryleden compilatie
Live 2e en 3e ronde voor bachelorstudenten: 
Christina Fassbender, Anna Dina Björn-Larsen, Petri Alanko, Aldo Baerten

Live 2e en 3e ronde voor masterstudenten:
Mario Caroli, Carlos Bruneel, Javier Castiblanque, Carlo Jans

Live Grande finale with orchestra for bachelor and master students
Aldo Baerten, Javier Castiblanque, Carlo Jans 

Online preliminary round for young talents:  
Gareth McLearnon, Vincent Cortvrint, Britta Bauer, Petra Music, Egbert-Jan Louwerse, Carola Ligt

Live final round for young talents
Aldo Baerten, Egbert-Jan Louwerse, Carlos Bruneel

Online preliminary round for traverso students:
Christoph Huntgeburth, Doretthe Janssens, Tami Krauz, Rafael Ruibérriz de Torres

Live final round for traverso students:
Christoph Huntgeburth, Doretthe Janssens, Tami Krauz, Rafael Ruibérriz de Torres

Competition pianists:
Mariken ZandvlietVanda Albota, Kamelia Miladinova, Vital Stahievitch, Patricia Robaina (harpsichord)

Prizes category bachelor and master students:
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners in each category receive a voucher of € 2000,- respectively € 1000,- and € 500,- to be spent at Adams Muziekcentrale.

The adjudicators decide on the incentive prizes:
A Powell voucher worth € 1000,-
And free participation at (and provided by):
Forum International for Flute and Piano in Diekirch, Luxembourg
International Flute Seminar Bruges, Belgium

One of the laureates will be invited to play
May 22, 2024 in the recital hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Prizes category traverso students:
1st prize: handmade traverse flute made by Martin Wenner worth € 2000,-.
2nd prize: € 1000,-
3rd prize: €  500,- 

Prizes category young talents: 
1st prize (age 14 through 18): Haynes solid silver custom headjoint
1st prize (age up to 13): Pearl piccolo PFP-105ES 
2nd prize: Adams Voucher worth € 500,-
3rd prize: Adams Voucher worth € 250,-

Download documents:
List of compulsory pieces for 2024 
Information about your video recording in the preliminary round
Participants regulations 2024
General information
Practical information group accommodation
Payment conditions group accommodation 
Travel instructions to the competiton and group accommodation
Timetable buses from and to locations (for free) in 2024
Please read the additional information you will receive by e-mail in advance!

Staying overnight:
Accommodation is possible in “Bekerhof” hostel. This is a converted farmhouse with very simple facilities. The cost is €40.00 per night, including breakfast, a packed lunch, dinner and bedding with duvet and transfers. The hostel is 3.2km away from the competition location. It is a pleasant walk for those who want to do this, but a free shuttle bus is also provided for transport to and from the competition, and the railway station at Weert. Practice facilities are limited at the hostel, but there are study rooms, with and without piano, at the competition location.

As mentioned above, this option provides simple accommodation – and that is reflected in the price. (A local hotel with all meals included will cost at least three times this price.) Therefore, don’t expect a lot of privacy, or 5-star treatment. However, you are here to focus on the competition. Many of our past students have formed friendships for a lifetime with the other flute players staying in the hostel. A support network of contacts is exactly what every flute player needs!

Looking forward to 2025:
In 2025 we will organize the Dutch International Flute Competition from April 22 to 27. This week we are organizing the 3rd Dutch International Piccolo Competition for the piccolo students!

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