to the laureates of the Dutch International Flute & Piccolo Competition 2023:

Category master students:
1st prize including an extra voucher of Powell Flutes: Lisa Meignin (France), Hochschule für Musik Freiburg
2nd prize including free participation in Forum Flute and Piano: Emma Hochschild (Germany), Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar
3rd prize including a visitors pass for the Galway Flute Academy: Hazuki Kono (Japan), Hochschule für Musik Würzburg
Category bachelor students:
1st prize including taking part in the International Flute Seminar BrugesEszter Reti (Hungary), Franz Liszt Muziekacademie Budapest
2nd prize including a visitors Pass for Galway Flute Academy: Laura De Dompablo (Spain), Hochschule für Musik Basel
3rd prize including a voucher of Adams European Flute Centre: Theresa Prem (Austria), Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz
Category piccolo students: 
1st prize: Ana Mondéjar (Spain)
2nd prize: Erica Vogel (The Netherlands)
3rd prize: Elizabeth Salerno (United States)

Young Talents up to age 14:
1st prize: Vanesa Sirma (Latvia)
2nd prize: Satsuki Takahashi (France/Japan)
3rd prize: Klaara Kultunen (Finland)

Young Talents up to age 18:
1st prize: Eva Faganelj (Slovenia)
2nd prize: Iza Stih (Slovenia)
3rd prize: Marta Cerina (Latvia)

We thank all 186 participants for sending in your beautiful videos. We also wish to thank our brilliant adjudicators for their careful consideration in selecting the prize winners.

List of all finalists
Schedule semi final rounds master students
Schedule semi final rounds bachelor students
Schedule final round bachelor and master students

Schedule final round piccolo students
Schedule final round young talents


For whom is the Dutch International Flute Competition?
Are you a bachelor student, master student, piccolo student or a young talent? Then register for your category. Every year more than 100 flute students from 25 different countries and all continents participate in this competition.
We offer you a well-organized competition, a great festival and the opportunity to gain contacts for life...

January 1, 2023: deadline for signing-up online
February 15, 2023: deadline for submitting your video performance
March 16, 2023: announcement of the (semi-)finalists
April 18 to 20, 2023: semi-final rounds (live)
April 21, 2023: rehearsal day (and start of the festival)
April 22, 2023: final round piccolo students
April 22, 2023: Grand Finale bachelor and master students
(with string orchestra 'Corde di Francesco' conducted by Carlo Jans)
April 22, 2023: concert with the laureates and orchestra
April 23, 2023: final round Young talents

Adjudicators in 2023:
Online preliminary round for bachelor students: 

Aldo Baerten, Carlo Jans, Anna Dina Björn-Larsen, Michael Faust, Peter Verhoyen, Ulla Miilmann, Anaïs Benoit, Carola Ligt, Stephanie Winker

Online preliminary round for master students:
Mario Caroli, Petri Alanko, Carlos Bruneel, Gaby Pas-Van RietChristina Fassbender, Javier Castiblanque

Live semi-final round for bachelor students:
Aldo Baerten, Michael Faust, Anna Dina Björn-Larsen, Carlo Jans

Live semi-final round for master students:
Mario Caroli, Gaby Pas-Van Riet, Carlos Bruneel, Petri Alanko

Live final round for bachelor and master students
Mario Caroli, Aldo Baerten, Carlos Bruneel, Christopher Green

Online preliminary round for piccolo students:
Nicola Mazzanti, Christopher Green, Vincent Cortvrint

Live final round for piccolo students: 
Nicola Mazzanti, Christopher Green, Vincent Cortvrint

Online preliminary round for young talents:  
Britta Bauer, Raymond Honing, Lelya Bayramogullary

Live final round for young talents
Carlos BruneelValerie Debaele, Lelya Bayramogullary

Competition pianists:
Mariken ZandvlietVanda AlbotaVital StahievitchPieter-Jan Verhoyen

Prizes category bachelor and master students:
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners in each category receive a voucher of € 2000,- respectively € 1000,- and € 500,- to be spent at Adams Muziekcentrale.

The 1st prize winner with the highest score of both categories will also recieve a Powell voucher worth € 500,-.

The adjudicators decide on the incentive prizes: free participation at (and provided by):
Forum International for Flute and Piano in Diekirch, Luxembourg
International Flute Seminar Bruges, Belgium

Two of the finalists get free auditor passes to the Galway Flute Acadamy

One of the laureates will be invited to play
May 10 in the recital hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Prizes category piccolo students: 
1st prize: Burkart Legacy Piccolo
2nd prize: Mancke piccolo headjoint
3rd prize: Adams voucher worth € 250,-

Prizes category young talents: 
1st prize (age 14 to 18): Haynes solid silver custom headjoint
1st prize (age up to 13): Pearl piccolo PFC-105E 
2nd prize: Adams Voucher worth € 500,-
3rd prize: Adams Voucher worth € 250,-

Download documents:
List of compulsory pieces for 2023 (version of January 12, 2023)
Information about your video recording in the preliminary round
Participants regulations
General information
Practical information group accommodation 
Travel instructions to the competiton and group accommodation
Timetable buses from and to locations (for free)
Please read the additional information you will receive by e-mail in advance!

Staying overnight:
Accommodation is possible in “Berkerhof” hostel. This is a converted farmhouse with very simple facilities. The cost is €40.00 per night, including breakfast, a packed lunch, dinner and bedding wit duvet and transfers. The hostel is 3.2km away from the competition location. It is a pleasant walk for those who want to do this, but a free shuttle bus is also provided for transport to and from the competition, and the railway station at Weert. Practice facilities are limited at the hostel, but there are study rooms, with and without piano, at the competition location.

As mentioned above, this option provides simple accommodation – and that is reflected in the price. (A local hotel with all meals included will cost at least three times this price.) Therefore, don’t expect a lot of privacy, or 5-star treatment. However, you are here to focus on the competition. Many of our past students have formed friendships for a lifetime with the other flute players staying in the hostel. A support network of contacts is exactly what every flute player needs!

The flute competition and corona virus:
Of course we pay extra attention to the safety of our participants, visitors, staff and guests with regard to the corona virus. We follow the corona guidelines of the Dutch government as mentioned at www.government.nl and will adjust the organization of our competition accordingly. We accept no liability for the consequences of these adjustments for our participants and staff.

The flute competition and HeartForUkraine:
First our participants were confronted with the Corona pandemic, and now with the war in Ukraine. In line with all other cultural and educational organisations we are taking a clear stand on this matter: we will not be working together with any person or entity showing allegiance to Russia or Belarus.

We do not hold individual participants responsible for this war, and, therefore, students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are still allowed to take part in the Dutch International Flute Competition.

To be absolutely clear about this issue, we are adding two new guidelines to our regulations:

We condemn the actions of the leaders of Russia and Belarus and we will not accept any expressions of sympathy with these actions. If any participants express sympathy, in any form whatsoever, they will be disqualified with immediate effect and denied further access to the competition and residential locations.

Participants must be physically present to participate in this competition. Online participation only applies to the preliminary rounds of the bachelor and master student categories.

Looking forward to 2024:
In 2024 the Dutch International Flute Competition will be organized form April 16 to 21. The Grande Finale will be accompanied by the South Netherlands Philharmonic during the 17th International Adams Flute Festival. We hope to meet you again!