Dutch International Flute Competition:

The Dutch International Flute Competition annually focuses specifically on bachelor and master flute students worldwide: www.flutecompetition.com 

Young talents who follow intensive training can also go to the Dutch International Flute Competition in two age categories: up to 14 years and up to 18 years.

Every two years the piccolo students are featured in their own Dutch International Piccolo Competition: www.piccolocompetition.nl 

The traverso students category is new: in 2024 www.traversocompetition.eu will be organized for the first time.

For amateur flautists:

Every year we organize www.fluitwedstrijd.nl for youth a few times. These competitions are organized regionally and in the Benelux.

If you want to read the prize winners of previous competitions, click on www.beneluxfluitconcours.nl and www.flutefactor.art 

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