These are the finalists (dit zijn de finalisten)... (06/06/2021)


Today, all participants received a message by email. Our professional adjudicators determined the finalists for the live final round in October of the Dutch International Flute Competition (by category and in alphabetical order):

Category master students:

Sylvain Barrès (France)
Isabelle Brüning (Germany)
Kacper Dabrowski (Poland)
Anna Komarova (Russia)
Daphne Meinhold (Germany)
Yui Sakata (Japan)
Marta Sesar (Croatia)
David Silva (Portugal)
Jerca Zmitek (Slovenia)

Category bachelor students:

Santiago Acosta Velasco (Columbia)
Michalina Barcikowska (Poland)
Victoria Creighton (Britain/Russia)
Amelia Grenda (Poland)
Reetta Hakala (Finland)
Kristin Ýr Jónsdóttir (Iceland)
Jeseok Kang (South Korea)
Sarah Maschio (France)
Jona Mehlitz (Germany)
Meta Pirc (Slovenia)
Moritz Schulte (Germany)
Anna Winter (Austria)
Uliana Zhivitskaya (Russia)

Category piccolo students:

Dario Caporuscio (Italy)
Clemence Dujardin (Belgium)
Juliette Ferreira (France)
Sarah Miller (Britain)
Andrea Rodriguez Berenguer (Spain)
Flavia Valente (Portugal)

Category Young Talents (age 14 through 18):

Emese Albert (Hungary)
Elizaveta Maksimova (Russia)
Igor Mikhailovskiy (Russia)
Marija Obradovic (Serbia)
Mark Yakovlev (Russia)

Category Young Talents (up to age 13):

Eva Barkova (Russia)
Avedis Eskenian (Armenia)
Ekaterina Ivanova (Russia)
Reina Shim (United States of America)

We say thanks to all the participants for sending in your beautiful videos. We wish you a lot of artistic success now that many stages are opening up again. We look forward to meeting the finalists in the fall ...

Use this link to go to our YouTube channel with the playlists per category of the preliminary rounds:

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Save the dates

The live final rounds at Adams European Flute Centre are planned at:

October 21, 2021: 
live final
 round bachelor students

October 22, 2021:
live final round master students

October 23, 2021: 
live final round
 piccolo students 

October 23, 2021: 
live final round young talents

Of course we pay extra attention to the safety of our participants, visitors, staff and guests with regard to the 
corona virus. We follow the corona guidelines of the Dutch government as mentioned at www.government.nl and will adjust the organization of our competition accordingly.

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Thanks to our adjudicators

Our professional adjudicators wrote a report with feedback for all participants. We hope that every participant can use the comments to their advantage. With the compliments!

Adjudicators in the preliminary rounds of the master students:
Ulla Miilmann, Christina Fassbender, Anne-Cathérine Heinzmann, Vincent Cortvrint, Carlo Jans, Peter Verhoyen

Adjudicators in the preliminary rounds of the bachelor students:

Mario Caroli, Aldo Baerten, Carlos Bruneel, Hans-Udo Heinzmann, Gaby Pas-Van Riet, Stephanie Winker, Carola Ligt, Britta Bauer, Raymond Honing

Adjudicators in the preliminary rounds of the piccolo students:
Christopher Green, Nicola Mazzanti, Ilonka Kolthof

Adjudicators in the preliminary rounds of the young talents:
Jeroen Bron, Valerie Debaele, Petra Music

photo: Ulla Miilmann (Haynes artist)

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