Dutch International Flute Competitions #corona edition in 2021 (29/12/2020)

The #corona edition in 2021

After canceling our event in 2020 due to the corona crisis, we will organize online preliminary rounds in 2021. Confirm your participation before February 15th and share your video before May 1st.

On June 6 we will announce who will be invited to the live final round on October 22 and 23

Adjustments in 2021 due to corona:
Due to expected travel restrictions in the spring of 2021, the preliminary rounds will be held online and the live final rounds at the Adams European Flute Centre will be postponed till the fall of 2021. 
The full 15th Adams Flute Festival will not be organized until 2022.

Due to the restrictions the final round will be played with piano accompaniment instead of the South Netherlands Philharmonic. The compulsory work for the category master students has therefore changed. 

For whom is the Dutch International Flute Competition?  
Are you a bachelor or master student? Then register for your category. Normally about 100 flute students (usually from 25 different countries) participate in this competition annually.

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Piccolo competition for students

Extra in 2021: piccolo competition for students:
Jeroen D'hoe wrote 'Patchwork' for piccolo and marimba (or piano) especially for this competition. This composition is available at our secretary as a compulsory work for this competition, only if you participate as a piccolo player.

The costs are € 22,50. Only after the competition this composition may be played in public. You can look at the 
preview right here

Professional pianist and marimba player:
During the final rounds the services of a professional competition pianist (and a marimba player for the piccolo competition) will be available in return for a fee of € 90.00. This facility is mainly intended for students from abroad. Limited rehearsal time is available at the competition facility.

Staying overnight:
Staying overnight during the final rounds is possible in group accommodation the Bekerhof. This is a converted farmhouse with very simple facilities. The costs are € 35.00 per night. Breakfast and a simple hot meal are included, as well as the transfers to and from the competition location and railway station. Of course we will make your stay corona proof. 

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For young talents

Participants who are registered in a pre-training or a young talent class apply for category 3: young talents.
In this category we distinguish two age categories: age up to 13 and age 14 through 18. 

Please note the new dates for all categories:

February 15, 2021: 
deadline for signing up

May 1, 2021: 
deadline for submitting your video performance

Juni 6, 2021: 
announcement of the finalists

October 22, 2021: 
live final round for bachelor and master students

October 23, 2021: 
live final round
 for young talents and piccolo students 

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Best wishes for 2021

We do hope that inspite of all the corona restrictions you will all be practising enthousiastically. After the corona crisis new perspectives will open up for a career as a flutist. This is for us the main reason to proceed with the 2021 competition!

Together we will make a good competition, in spite of corona restrictions. We hope to hear from you...

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